AGBank details announced - for those who have debt obligations


June 2, Fineko/abc.az. The Azerbaijan Deposit Insurance Fund informs legal entities and individuals who have debt obligations (loans) to bankrupt-declared AGBank that they can make payments by transfer through special liquidation accounts of the Bank in the process of liquidation opened in the Central Bank, and in cash - through the head office (in the city of Baku) and branch network (in cities and districts, except Baku).

ABC.AZ presents special liquidation accounts opened in the Central Bank:

LPO JSC AG Bank, TIN 9900019651

Central Bank, TIN 9900071001


SWIFT.BIK (foreign currency) NABZAZ 2X

Code 501004

Correspondent account AZN AZ74NABZ01451700000000001944AZN

Current account AZN AZ34NABZ01350100000000061944AZN

Correspondent account in EUR AZ58NABZ01452800000000007954EUR

Current account EUR AZ16NABZ01350200000000060954EUR

Correspondent account USD AZ51NABZ01452800000000015840USD

Current account USD AZ19NABZ01350200000000062840USD

Correspondent account GBP AZ90NABZ01452800000000005826GBP

Current account GBP AZ45NABZ01350200000000021826GBP