Appeal to PM: Free advertising companies from distribution fees and charges


June 3, Fineko/abc.az. More than 20 advertising companies in Azerbaijan have appealed to Prime Minister Ali Asadov.

ABC.AZ reports that entrepreneurs asked advertising companies to exempt them from fees for April and May due to the refusal of their customers to rent outdoor advertising during the pandemic.

"The services of advertising companies are included in the list of companies affected by the pandemic. In response, a certain part of the Salary Fund was paid according to the Action Plan approved by the Cabinet Ministers. One of the main financial obligations of advertising companies is to pay advertising agency fees and charges for placing advertising devices. The refusal of international and local companies to lease outdoor advertising in connection with the pandemic, the lack of any activity in this area led to a sharp reduction in revenue for advertising distribution, losses, and in the current situation, there are no financial resources to pay fees and charges for distribution in April and May,” the appeal says.