MPs debate amendment on confiscation of property located abroad


June 5, Fineko/abc.az. At today’s plenary session the parliamentarians discussed the draft amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code in the 1st reading.

ABC.AZ reports that the proposed amendment to the Code defines the procedure for the confiscation of property located in a foreign country.

In this regard, Article 521 of the Criminal Procedure Code is being amended.

The proposed amendment says that a sentence or other final decision on confiscation of property located abroad issued in Azerbaijan is carried out within five days from the date of entry into legal force.

The property is sent to the General Prosecutor’s Office together with all the materials of the criminal case for the purpose of confiscation of property abroad as part of legal assistance and ensuring the return of the property or its value to the country.

The GPO takes the necessary measures in accordance with the legislation of Azerbaijan and international agreements to which it is a party, in order to confiscate property located abroad and return this property or its value to the country.

The amendments to the Code are expected to enter into force from 1 July 2020. The amendments were put to the vote after discussion and adopted in the 1st reading.