Qafqaz Lizinq finished 2019 with profit of AZN 52,000


June 17, Fineko/abc.az. Qafqaz Lizinq LLC ended the past year with profit of AZN 52,000, while in 2018 the company suffered losses of AZN 59,000.

ABC.AZ informs with reference to news agency Report that last year Qafqaz Lizinq's revenues amounted to AZN 117,000 (4.3-fold more than a year earlier) and expenditures AZN 65,000 (24.6% less).

The company did not pay profit tax.

As of 1 January Qafqaz Lizinq's assets amounted to AZN 716,000 (8% more than a year earlier). For the reporting period company's liabilities increased almost by 20% up to AZN 8,000, while its balance sheet capital grew by 8% up to AZN 708,000.