Internet speed in Azerbaijan grew by 8%


June 18, Fineko/abc.az. The speed of Internet traffic in the networks of mobile operators in Azerbaijan reached 29.7 Mbit/s in May of the year.

ABC.AZ reports that according to Speedtest Global Index Ookla, this figure increased by 8% in May compared with April.

Last month the speed of output traffic in the country's mobile networks increased by 4% (versus April) up to 13.87 Mbit/s.

The speed of input and output mobile traffic worldwide is 33.71 Mbit/s and 10.89 Mbit/s, respectively. By the end of May Azerbaijan ranked 65th among the world's countries in this indicator. South Korea (100.22 Mbit/s), the UAE (99.67 Mbit/s) and China (97.10 Mbit/s) are among the Top 3 on mobile Internet speed.