Auction on medium-term bonds for AZN 15 million to be held


June 18, Fineko/abc.az. An auction on placement of government medium-term treasury bonds will be organized at the Baku Stock Exchange.

The BSE reported ABZ.AZ that the total volume of interest-bearing, medium-term government bonds is AZN 15 million, the nominal value is 100 manats, the circulation period is 1,092 days, and the interest yield is 11%. The bonds will be redeemed on 20 June 2023. Investment company PASHA Capital acts as an underwriter.

Non-competitive bids may be accepted during the auction, provided that the bond issue does not exceed 20%. In addition, the issuer may not accept these bids if the volume of bids issued by the auction participants for the purchase of bonds is less than 20% of the volume of bonds issued by the issuer at the auction.