BNA: catering facilities caused a traffic jam on Sakit Gojayev Street in Baku


January 17, Fineko/abc.az. The Baku Transport Agency (BNA) has analyzed the problems with organization of traffic on Sakit Gojayev Street in Bakikhanov settlement.

BNA reports that in the course of relevant investigation the Agency determined the necessity of taking a range of measures aimed at improving road infrastructure and creating necessary conditions on the road.

"In the course of analysis of the situation we revealed that illegal parking forms near the road because of catering facilities operating along the road. Despite the fact that 9 bus routes run on the road, bus stops and road signs fail to meet the standards. Due to the disrepair of asphalt pavement, there are occasional traffic jams and road transport accidents occur," BNA said.

With the purpose to ensure efficiency and safety on Sakit Gojayev Street, BNA prepared the proposals for making road markings, installation of road signs and new traffic lights at the intersection with Shamil Kamilov Street and bringing pedestrian crossings, ramps and bus stops in compliance with the standards.





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