You`ll be notified if people around you are virus carriers


June 19, Fineko/abc.az. Using mobile app e-Tabib, people who are in public places will be notified whether others are potential carriers of the virus.

ABC.AZ reports that those who accidentally come into contact (for example, in a queue at a store) with a carrier of the infection will be notified and invited to laboratory tests.

E-Tabib uses bluetooth technology to communicate with other app users in the vicinity:

"The more people use this app, the more accurate and fast the detection of all infections can be. Using the app, you can contact the anti-coronavirus hotline with a single touch, get statistical information and relevant help, as well as various notifications and news. The app can be easily downloaded to your phone. Depending on the system you are using, download the app to your smartphone by typing E-Tabib or E-Tabib via Play Market or AppStore. Launch the app and enter your mobile phone number. Enter the confirmation code that will be sent via SMS in the appropriate fields. Start the Bluetooth device. The E-Tabib app does not get access to your personal data other than your mobile phone number."