From now on, information about insurance cases to be provided in this way - a new service


June 22, Fineko/abc.az. The Compulsory Insurers Bureau has launched an electronic personal account service for obtaining insurance certificates and information about insurance cases in e¬-form.

Relevant information was provided to ABC.AZ by the CIB (Azeri acronym: ISB).

For this, a citizen must log in to the official CIB website (www.isb.az ), in the e-service section, select one of the Asan Imza or e-Imza buttons. Then he sees the evidence of his personal insurance account in the “My insurance data" menu.

In your personal insurance account, you can get information on the first two types of electronic insurance - ”Compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners of motor vehicles” and “Insurance against accidents at work and cases of loss of professional ability to work as a result of occupational diseases".

Citizens will be able to get detailed information on other electronic types of insurance introduced by the CIB, such as for what period they are insured by the employer, the corresponding insurance amount, the insurance fee paid, etc.