Rate of tourists coming to Azerbaijan has sharply decreased – Results for Jan-May


June 22, Fineko/abc.az. 563,900 people from 152 countries visited Azerbaijan for Jan-May 2020 that is by 1.9 times fewer foreigners and stateless persons than for the same term of last year.

ABC.AZ was informed at the State Border Service that 30.2% of arrivals in Azerbaijan are citizens of the Russian Federation, 27.3% citizens of Georgia, 13.2% citizens of Turkey 6.7% citizens of Iran, 2.2% citizens of India, by 2.1% citizens of Saudi Arabia and Ukraine, 1.4% citizens of the UAE, by 1.3% citizens of Pakistan, Kuwait and Kazakhstan, 1.1% citizens of Turkmenistan, by 0.9% are citizens of Iraq and the UK, 0.8% - Uzbekistan, 0.7% - Israel, 6.4% were citizens of other countries, 0.1% - persons without citizenship.

75.1% of them were men and 24.9% were women.

Over Jan-May 2020 the number of visitors from China decreased by 5.5 times, South Korea by 4.4 times, UAE by 4.1 times, Poland by 3.8 times, Japan by 3.7 times, UK by 3.5 times, Canada and Israel by 3.3%, Hungary by 3.2 times, the U.S. and France by 3.1 times, Germany by 3 times, Italy by 2.9 times, Malaysia and Turkmenistan by 2.7 times.

In total, the number of arrivals from EU member states dropped by 3.4 times to 16.2,000 people, from the Gulf countries by 2.2 times to 75,300 people, from the CIS countries by 1.9 times to 205,400 people.