One of companies with largest number of employees has changed its working hours - Reason


June 22, Fineko/abc.az. SOCAR and subordinate institutions are operating in special regime during two weeks of strict quarantine.

ABC.AZ reports that the above-said statement was made by deputy head of the SOCAR Department of Public Relations & Events Ibrahim Akhmedov:

"The working hours of employees of various departments subordinate to SOCAR were different from the very beginning. In other words, some of them started working at 8 am, and some of them at 9 am. This was the case before the pandemic. And during the pandemic, it is preferred to work from home. During the last 2 weeks employees in many administrations take turns going to work. In other words, a group of employees works from the office, while another group works from home. They are replaced the next day. This rule has been in effect since the beginning of last week. And all the executives are at work."