Statement about VAT refund - Sanction to be applied in such cases


June 23, Fineko/abc.az. A certain part of the VAT paid by individuals for goods (except for oil and gas products) purchased from individuals engaged in retail trade or public catering, where new-generation cash registers are installed, that is, 10% VAT for cash payments and 15% VAT for non-cash payments are returned to the consumer.

The cash register receipt submitted for VAT refund must meet the requirements of Article 50.8 of the Tax Code, one of which is the designation of the name of the product or service (work) in the cash register receipt.

In the existing practice the cash register check, presented by a range of taxpayers does not contain product name, and this, together with the application of financial sanctions to taxpayers leads to violation of consumer rights.

For this reason, in order not to be subject to financial sanctions, taxpayers are recommended to comply with the relevant technical agreements in connection with cash registers installed in business entities engaged in business activities, and to specify the information provided by law in the receipt of the cash register provided to consumers.