Food Security Agency: harmful products of Lactalis Group are not sold at consumer market of Azerbaijan


January 18, Fineko/ French dairy producer Lactalis Group adopted on 12 January a decision to withdraw a batch of milk produced at the Kraon plant.

The Food Security Agency of Azerbaijan informs that Lactalis Caspi has been the local representative of France’s international company in the country since 2011.

"The FSA together with the State Customs Committee, the Ministries of Health and of Agriculture investigated the situation with volume of import and varieties of products of Lactalis Group on the domestic consumer market," the Agency said.

The Health Ministry stated that they had not received any application on occasion of registration of baby food Lactalis. Baby food Picot, Milumel and Celia were not imported in Azerbaijan last year. Other dairy products of this company, samples of which have been tested and considered fit for consumption, were imported.

"Lactalis Caspi informs that although in previous years the country imported goods of brand Celia, since 2013 import of such goods has been suspended and only other products of the company are imported. Studies on the food market show that goods of brands Picot, Milumel and Celia are not sold on the local market,” the FSA said.

If the consumer encounters these products on the shelves, he can contact the Agency by numbers (012) 565-12-72; (012) 565-12-82.



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