Azerbaijan is a regional leader on this index and leaves behind neighboring states


July 1, Fineko/abc.az. There are no registered poor people in Azerbaijan with daily income of less than 3.2 dollars.

ABC.AZ reports that the above-mentioned statement was made by Vusal Gasimli, the executive director of the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms & Communications, when commenting on document “Report on Sustainable Development - 2020.

He noted that Azerbaijan is a regional leader, according to the Sustainable Development Goals Index.

Gasimli added that Azerbaijan occupies the 54th position, ahead of all its neighbors.

The Report says that Russia ranks 57th, Georgia 58th, Iran 59th, Kazakhstan 65th, Turkey 70th, Armenia 75th, and Turkmenistan 114th," Gasimli emphasized.

He points out that Azerbaijan has made progress in the UN's sustainable development goals, such as health, welfare, poverty, nutrition, clean water, clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, peace, justice and strong institutions.