Renewal in driver permission system


July 2, Fineko/abc.az. Citizens who want to leave their place of residence by car, along with a series of identity cards are also required to send the state registration plate of the vehicle to number 8103.

ABC.AZ reports that after receiving a positive response, the citizen can stay out of the place of residence for two hours.

Starting from today, with the exception of entering and leaving Baku, police posts have been eliminated on streets and avenues. In the future, the control over mandatory compliance of citizens with the requirements of the quarantine regime in all closed areas of the city, in particular, the use of medical masks and the observance of social distance, is being toughened. There is a growing number of foot patrols on streets and avenues, as well as inner city blocks, and the permission or absence of such for the movement of vehicles will be clarified by means of video surveillance cameras.