Those whose permits revoked to be assisted in following way


July 6, Fineko/abc.az. Despite the fact that some people have permits until July 5, this time they were not able to get it, their appeal was not accepted.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to news agency Trend tht the issuance of permits to employees engaged in these areas is based on the application of employers on the portal.

In order to prevent abuse of the permit system and reduce the risk of infection of citizens, some permits for institutions that exceeded the specified limit were canceled.

Among them are individuals who do not belong to the permitted areas of activity, as well as individuals who violate the requirements for restricted access to work.

The Ministry of Economy noted that legal entities and individuals can apply to the MoE in special cases related to the regulation of permits.

To contact the MoE, applicants can use the e-mail address form or call the 195-2 call center.