A change made to procedure for obtaining permission on portal icaze.e-gov.az


July 6, Fineko/abc.az. During the period of tightening of the special quarantine regime, a change has been introduced in the procedure for obtaining permission on the portal icaze.e-gov.az.

ABC.AZ was informed at the Ministry of Economy that in accordance with Paragraph 1.3 of Cabinet Ministers’ Resolution #208 from 19 June 2020 the employees of private legal entities and their employees engaged in business activities without a legal entity, engaged in activities in the spheres covered by the Annex to this Resolution, information about the employment of employees required to ensure the safety and technical security of private legal entities that are not allowed to continue their activities, allowed after logging in to portal icaze.e-gov.az by means of an e-signature reinforced by the employer. To get permission, you need to check whether your type of activity (5-digit code) corresponds to the areas authorized by the Cabinet Ministers (action fields and codes are added).