Admission to these classes begins in e-form


July 6, Fineko/abc.az. In connection with the assessment of oral speech skills in other language divisions of general educational institutions, the selection of schools for admission to the first class of children who have achieved success in the interview begins.

ABC.AZ was informed at the Baku City Education Department that the school selection will start on 8 July 8 from 11 am.

It is reported that a parent can log in to his personal account and place a request to the educational institution at the address where they are registered. Parents of children whose results were not accepted can apply to the Azerbaijan Department. In order to prevent artificial density of students when registering for the first grade online, a number of schools in Baku primarily ensure the preferential right of children who live at the residence address of parents who work at this school, whose sisters or brothers study at this school.

The admission of pupils to the first class of general education institutions is carried out electronically through system www.mektebeqebul.edu.az.