Azerbaijani President: We see that people defiantly violate this regime


July 7, Fineko/abc.az. The main cause of the spread of the disease is the irresponsibility of some people. They don't follow simple rules, they don't adhere to them. That is why we had to increase the fines.

ABC.AZ reports that relevant statement was made by President Ilham Aliyev after acquainting with the conditions created in the modular hospital of Emergency Situations Ministry’s medical center in Khatayi district of Baku, intended for the treatment of patients with coronavirus.

"Sometimes we’re forced to take tough actions against violators of the quarantine regime. But they must also be aware of their responsibility. All rules are designed to protect the health of people, including those who violate the quarantine regime.

However, we see that people defiantly violate this regime. The disgraceful incident that occurred yesterday in a famous hotel is inadmissible. So, of course, the Azerbaijani police intervened fairly. I’ve given the police the strictest instructions to respond adequately to all breaches. No one is above the law - whether it is a local or foreign company, local or foreign citizen, no matter, we must protect our people and their health.

At the same time, the existing laws and regulations applied in connection with the quarantine regime should be the basis for everyone. Therefore, we’ll keep on taking steps in this direction. I believe if citizens who violate these rules show more responsibility and discipline, we’ll be able to keep the pandemic under control," the president emphasized.