President: We conduct these reforms even at most critical moment


July 7, Fineko/abc.az. Yesterday, President Ilham Aliyev took part in the opening of a modular hospital for the treatment of coronavirus patients at the medical center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Khatayi district of Baku.

ABC.AZ reports that after the opening the head of state gave an interview to local TV channels and noted that for six months the tax and customs authorities were able to attract AZN 423 million to the State Budget in addition to the forecast.

According to the president, AZN 98 million of them were provided by the customs authorities and most of them by tax authorities: "At the expense of what? Precisely due to transparency, honesty, and the reduction of the shadow economy. In other words, we carry out these reforms even at the most critical moment and get excellent results. Of course, I said that all these funds will be spent only on social projects, including on the fight against COVID."