Number of employees on public and private sectors published


July 9, Fineko/abc.az. As of 1 June the number of employees in the economy of Azerbaijan increased by 91,000 people or 5.7% compared with Jan-May 2019 and amounted to 1,681,700 people.

ABC.AZ informs with reference to new agency Report that this was reported by the State Statistics Committee.

Of them, 930,000 people worked in the state sector of the economy, and 751,700 in the non-state sector. 19.8% were employed in education, 17.9% in trade; vehicle repair, 12.8% in industry, 8% in providing medical and social services to the population, 7.8% in construction, 6.7% in public administration and defense; social security, 4.5% in transport and storage, 3.4% in professional, scientific and technical activities, 3.4% in agriculture, forestry and fishing, 1.7% in finance and fishing insurance activities, and 14% are employed in other sectors of the economy.