Any malfunction to be corrected immediately – new smart gas meter cards to be introduced in Baku


July 9, Fineko/abc.az. Last year, 200 modern smart-card gas meters produced by German company Zenner were delivered to Azerbaijan, which won an open tender for the purchase of smart-card meters.

ABC.AZ reports that testing of those gas meters will begin in the coming days. The software of Zenner gas measuring devices for the new smart card-type meters delivered to Baku, unlike the previous manufacturer, will be transferred to gas supplier company Azerigaz.

When the device is installed at the consumer’s address, the card will be entered on the spot, and the consumer will go to the Asan Xidmət center only once - to place the consumer database. In this way, the loss of time faced by consumers will be eliminated.

Operations are simplified in the menu of the new gas meter. All operations are performed using two touch buttons. In addition, unlike previous smart cards, even if the new gas meter cards still have the amount, the gas consumer can make 5 consecutive downloads. In other words, if the gas consumer has funds for 5 manats on his gas meter card, he does not need to transfer the previous amount to the meter to load additional funds for 5 manats on it.