AZN 11,000 to be transferred to heirs of martyrs


June 14, Fineko/abc.az. Another 75 heirs of 51 martyrs who died until 2 August 1997 when defending the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan - military personnel and employees of internal affairs organs - will receive lump-sum payment (AZN 11,000) in the coming days.

ABC.AZ reports that in this regard, the Commission acting in the Ministry of Labor & Social Protection made a decision.

Appropriate work is underway on transfer of lump-sum payments to the bank accounts of those heirs in the coming days.

In general, the right of the heirs of 12,281 martyrs for lump-sum payment has been established. Lump-sum payments have been given to more than 18,000 heirs of over 12,000 martyrs. The program of providing the heirs of martyrs with lump-sum payment has already been realized by 99%.