Now degree of disability to be determined as follows


July 15, Fineko/abc.az. Improvements have been made in the “disability” subsystem of the Ministry of Labor & Social Protection.

ABC.AZ was informed at the Ministry that as a result of innovations initiated by the State Agency for Medical & Social Expertise & Rehabilitation, the functionality of the “disability" subsystem has been expanded.

“As one of the innovations, the subsystem includes Health Ministry’s e-register on hemodialysis, tuberculosis, oncology, occupational diseases and visual disorders. Also, information about the employment contract of a person who applied for a disability assessment has been improved in the subsystem.

The subsystem also contain data about temporary disability, means of rehabilitation used by the person, whether or not the applicant has previously unfounded disability, driving licenses of persons in the conditions of exchange of electronic information resources with the relevant structures. The subsystem will also cover information on the form in which children receive education during initial and repeated prescriptions for children under age of 18 years. Starting from 15 July the disability assessment process will be implemented through the improved disability subsystem.