Azerbaijan puts into force higher excise duties for alcohol and tobacco import


January 23, Fineko/ The new higher excise duties on import of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products have been put into force in Azerbaijan.

In compliance with Cabinet Ministers’ decision starting from 23 January excise tax on imports of malt beer has been increased from 1 up to 1.70 manats, grape alcoholic beverages, including grape must from 2 up to 3.5 manats, sparkling wines from 2.50 up to 5 manats, whiskey from 6 up to 10 manats, vodka from 6 up to 10 manats, and liquors from 6 up to 10 manats per litre.

The excise tax on import of cigars has been increased from 10 up to 20 manats per 1,000 cigars and import of cigarettes from 4 up to 12 manats per 1,000 cigarettes.