Forecast: A new ocean may form on the Earth


July 20, Fineko/abc.az. It is assumed that in the future, a new, fifth ocean may appear on Earth.

ABC.AZ reports that researchers believe that in about 5-10 million years, a tectonic fault will occur in Eastern Africa, resulting in the continent being divided in half.

This part of the continent in the afar region of Ethiopia is located at the point where three tectonic layers join, and these layers gradually separate from each other.

In 2005, a major 56 km long crack was formed in the region. Scientists believe that eventually this crack will divide Africa into two parts, and as a result, it will form a basin for a new ocean.

Christopher Moore, a Professor at the University of Leeds in the UK, said that this is the only place on the earth where you can visually study the transformation of a continental rift into an oceanic rift.