Armenians attacked Azerbaijanis in U.S. - there are wounded among our compatriots - PHOTO


July 22, Fineko/abc.az. On 21 July Armenian Dashnaks living in Los Angeles (USA) surrounded the building of the Consulate General of Azerbaijan and held a rally with aggressive and provocative slogans directed against our country. However, members of the Azerbaijani community in California prevented the Armenian provocation.

ABC.AZ reports that the members of the Azerbaijani community in California confronted hundreds of Armenians and prevented their provocation.

Radical Armenian Dashnaks began to show violence and aggression against our compatriots. So, they insulted Azerbaijanis from cars, and some of them tried to run over our compatriots. Los Angeles police officers lined up in front of our compatriots to ensure their safety.

The Consulate General, seeing the aggressiveness of the Armenians, called buses in order to safely remove the Azerbaijanis from the territory. 15 minutes later, accompanied by police, they began to leave the demonstration site.

However, at this moment, the Dashnaks attacked the Azerbaijanis and began to strike them. As a result, seven of our compatriots, including one woman, received various injuries.

In addition, a police officer who tried to protect the demonstrator from the Armenians was injured.

Four injured Azerbaijanis were hospitalized. Consul General Nasimi Agayev visited them in the hospital. He noted that all necessary measures were taken to bring Armenian criminals to justice.

Immediately after the incident, the head of the Azerbaijani Consulate General contacted the head of the Los Angeles Police Department, Mitchell Moore, informed about the situation and protested that the city's police failed to prevent violence by Armenians.

It was noted that the Los Angeles police were notified in advance of the demonstration and they guaranteed the Consulate General complete safety of its participants. However, on the day of the action, the Los Angeles police did not take adequate measures, and therefore an unpleasant incident occurred. Moore apologized to the Consul General for the incident, noting that the matter will be seriously investigated and a special investigation team will be established.