Join to Full package and win a Samsung Galaxy S8 or iPad Pro from Nar!


Nar conducts yet another exciting campaign for its subscribers. Customers joining to Full package in the period from 29.12.2017 to 28.01.2018 will get a chance to win valuable prizes from the mobile operator. All they need to do to join the campaign is simply visit the Nar stand located on the 1st floor of 28 Mall shopping center.

Subscribers, who join one of the brand new Full packages, are able to benefit from this advantageous offer and enjoy lots of communication time. Distinguishing quality of these packages, which include calling minutes and plenty of internet traffic, is that the bonuses are transferred to the next month if not used.  Thus, Nar, being an operator that always takes into consideration the wishes and feedback of its customers, has provided them with a great opportunity to use the remaining bonuses on the next month, by means of the Full packages.

Customers who approach the Nar stand will be provided with special coupons and information about the campaign. Coupon holders will become eligible to participate in the campaign. One Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, one iPad Pro tablet and one Samsung Gear S3 watch will be drawn in the course of the campaign. During the draw, 3 random winners will be selected by picking the coupons out of a transparent box.

The draw will be conducted at 18:00, 29.01.2018 at the 3rd floor of “28 Mall” shopping center.  Campaign participants shall keep the coupons and be present at the draw ceremony. If the participant is not present when his/her coupon is drawn from the box, the prize will be played again until the winner is determined. The prizes will be presented to winners, as soon as they show their relevant coupon and ID card.


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