An employee worked 131 hours on average monthly basis


July 23, Fineko/abc.az. The State Statistics Committee has published statistics of employees as of 1 June.

ABC.AZ reports that for the reported term 19.8% of those working in the service sector were engaged in education, 17.9% in trade; vehicle repair, 8% in providing medical and social services to the population, 6.7% in public administration and defense; social security, 5.4% in administrative and support services, 4.5% in transport and warehousing, 3.4% professional, scientific and technical activities, 3.3% recreation, entertainment and art, 1.7% in financial and insurance activities, 1.7% in ICT, 1.5% in accommodation and catering for tourists, 1.1% in other services and 1% in real estate transactions.

The average monthly number of hours per employee for Jan-May was 131.1 hours.