Vocational schools should be prestigious educational institutions


July 27, Fineko/abc.az. We must make sure that citizens in Azerbaijan are provided with jobs.

ABC.AZ reports that this was stated by President Ilham Aliyev during the reception of Education Minister Emin Amrullayev via video link in connection with his appointment to minister post.

The head of state noted that the Ministry of Education, together with the relevant governmental bodies, should pay special attention to this issue, prepare and submit specific proposals: “We should hold discussions, inform citizens about this, so that they prepare themselves or their children in accordance with the new period and give them the right recommendations. Vocational education is the matter of particular importance, especially in the current environment. The new professional schools created in Azerbaijan today are, of course, significantly different from the existing professional schools in Soviet times. In Soviet times, children who could not achieve great results in high school, after the 8th grade were sent to vocational schools, and this was a common practice. And today, vocational schools should be very prestigious educational institutions."