Two municipality heads fined for AZN 3,000 each


August 4, Fineko/ The chairmen of Sumgait and Novkhani municipalities have been fined.

Employees of the Main Public Security Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan continue taking measures aimed to prevent violations of sanitary and hygienic rules.

The MIA press service reports that during the regular events organized in Sumgait and Absheron district on 31 July, the facts of recycling of household waste were revealed in the suburban area of Novkhani.

The protocols were drawn up against director of Novkhani-based Araz supermarket (he was fined for 8,000 manats), chairman of Novkhani municipality (fine for 3,000 manats) and Sumgait municipality director (fined for 3,000 manats) for violation of the requirements of Article 271 (non-compliance with the requirements of environmental protection in the disposal and incineration of industrial and household waste) of the Code of Administrative Misconduct.