President Ilham Aliyev: I`ve tasked to identify people who made violations


August 4, Fineko/abc.az. "I came here some time ago to take part in the opening of the aboveground crossing, and then I gave instructions to overhaul these buildings.”

ABC.AZ reports that President Ilham Aliyev made such a statement after getting acquainted with the upcoming work in the new forest-type park in Yasamal district.

The head of state noted that he gave appropriate instructions on complex repairs of buildings:

"At the same time, I learned that there is a large area that is already fenced, divided into parts and put up for sale. I was told that it was taken by someone who doesn't have any documents. Therefore, I gave instructions to identify the people who committed these violations, bring them to justice, demolish all the fences and put a beautiful park at the disposal of citizens.

At that time, one of the conditions was that this park created all the conditions for people to relax. There are many high-rise buildings, thousands of people live here, and let a small forest be created in the city. Therefore, the maximum preference should be given to the natural landscape. Naturally, there will be recreation areas, fitness, entertainment, and places. But let the greenery cover a wider area, plant trees and people can relax here and make a big contribution to the overall development of our city. I believe that the project is also very well drawn up and here the preference is given to greenery. Therefore, starting from today, practical work should be done to create the park."