Financial support to be provided for these entrepreneurs


August 5, Fineko/abc.az. The government of Azerbaijan will provide new financial support to the private sector.

ABC.AZ reports that the Cabinet Ministers made a decision to ensure new financial support to business entities.

Under the decision, the next stage of programs on the payment of a certain portion of wages to hired employees working in spheres affected by the pandemic, and on the provision of the financial support to individual (micro) entrepreneurs.

In accord with the decision until today, taxpayers working in pandemic-affected areas, who received financial support and did not allow serious cuts in the number of employees in response to the call of the head of state, will be provided with financial support in the amount of a monthly salary fund in relation to the number of employees on 1 July 2020. Financial support will be paid in equal parts in two stages, including August and September.

At the same time, individual (micro) entrepreneurs who need financial support and received a lump-sum payment of 250 manats at the first stage will be provided with financial support in the amount of 250 manats.