MP: If we see mass walks of people on the streets, why not to restore work at some enterprises?


August 6, Fineko/abc.az. I am not support of additional burden of the State at this difficult time.

ABC.AZ reports that the above-said statement was made by MP Fazayil Agamali during the discussion of the documents with the draft amendments to the Law on State Budget 2020 at today's plenary session of Milli Majlis.

The MP believes that it is necessary to get out of this problem with less economic and financial losses: "After the cancellation of SMS permissions, people walk in the streets and squares en masse, why not to restore work at some enterprises? There are more people in marketplaces than in furniture stores and other non-food stores. Some non-food stores must be opened if the quarantine rules are observed. We must create conditions for people to work. People earn a piece of bread in the Sederek shopping center and other shopping centers. Why are these businesses closed?»

The MP said that the cost of the test in Azerbaijan is quite high: "This issue should be seriously considered, the cost of the test should be kept to a minimum, if possible, and the tests should be free."