Kazakhstan’s MPs ratified a road transport agreement with Azerbaijan


January 25, Fineko/abc.az. At the plenary session on Thursday the MPs of the Kazakh Parliament Senate adopted the Law on Ratification of the Agreement between the Government of Kazakhstan and the Government of Azerbaijan on International Road Transport.

Addressing to the MPs, Minister for Investment & Development of Kazakhstan Zhenis Kasymbek has stated that the agreement is aimed at further development of cooperation in the field of international automobile communication and simplification of realization of automobile transportation between the two countries.

"This agreement is aimed not only to foster bilateral traffic between Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Over the last 2 or 3 years we see a large increase in transit transportation through the territory of Azerbaijan by vehicles in direction to Georgia and Turkey. Last year we completed construction of the Kuryk port, where there are train and car ferry lines. So, freight traffic in the direction to Azerbaijan will grow much," Zhenis Kasymbe stressed.

The agreement establishes the legal framework for road transportation between both countries and regulates the types of trucking.