How much money is allocated to Azerenerji? – A rhetorical question from country`s head


August 6, Fineko/ Today, the main source of the State Budget is the oil and gas industry.

ABC.AZ reports that this was stated by President Ilham Aliyev at today's meeting.

The head of state noted that the State Oil Company receives money not only for gasification, but also for drilling operations, financing their share in consortia where they work together with foreign partners, and implementing other infrastructure projects: "Where does this money come from? From the State Budget, with large sums of money. However, the situation in the Caspian Shipping Company is better than in other state-owned companies.

But what money is used to buy ships and tankers? At the expense of the State Budget. Now we are building several vessels at the shipyard - cargo vessels, Ro-Ro type vessels. We do this at the expense of the State Budget, and then give it to the Caspian Shipping Company. They also exploit and then return this money? This is a big question. How much money is allocated to Azerenerji? However, a lot of work has been done, stations and substations are being built, and the Mingachevir Thermal Power Plant has been reconstructed. But where do the funds come from? Is she spending her savings? No, from the State Budget."