147,803 taxpayers applied for financial support


August 11, Fineko/abc.az. As of 6 August 29,950 taxpayers and 118,708 individual (micro) entrepreneurs affected by the coronavirus pandemic (in total 147,803 taxpayers) applied to the Ministry of Economy for the financial support to be directed to pay a certain part of the salary of their employees.

ABC.AZ was informed on the occasion at the MoE press service.

The Economy Ministry considered applications of 273,732 entrepreneurs (29,950 hired employees) and transferred relevant materials to the Ministry of Finance for transfer of financing to entrepreneurs’ bank accounts. Consideration on other taxpayers is underway.

So far, the amount of financial support on the approved applications has reached AZN 99.19 million, including AZN 49.59 million on the 2nd stage.

As of 6 August the State Treasury Agency of the Ministry of Finance transferred AZN 98.03 million to 24,856 taxpayers on the salary of 215,689 employees.