Baktelecom expands coverage of broadband network in Baku


January 25, Fineko/ Baktelecom (Bakı Telefon Rabitəsi) broadens the coverage of broadband network in the capital of Azerbaijan.

The Company reports that using wireless technology, LTE (up to 100 Mbps) creates conditions for providing telecommunications services in the territories with poor communications infrastructure.

"This technology has been applied already on two areas of Baku within the framework of the pilot projects. New stations are under construction with this purpose in the suburban villages and towns. Thus, citizens will be able to use Internet services and other services from March on the territories with poor communications infrastructure," Baktelecom said.

The Company added that one more project is use of GPON technology, which allows providing the users with high-speed Internet, and expand the use of broadband network. Relevant infrastructure was created in about 30,000 apartments within this project. Communication services, based on GPON technology, were created in about 5,000 apartments.

"The ongoing work will help ensure sustainable communication services for the population," Baktelecom said.



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