AZN 5.9 million of VAT refunded to consumers through portal edvgerial.az


August 13, Fineko/abc.az. Information about more than 20.6 million cash receipts of citizens has been registered on portal edvgerial.az, ABC.AZ was stated by Mammad Guliyev, department head of the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy.

According to Guliyev, the amount of VAT required for the refund of these checks is AZN 9.8 million.

“The amount of VAT in the amount of AZN 5.9 million has been refunded so far on the already approved checks and placed in a virtual wallet in the e-Cabinet of consumers, and the remaining amount is waiting for the refund period," Guliyev said.

Since this May the process of returning part of VAT paid for goods purchased at retail or catering facilities is underway. Part of VAT paid through this system, as well as for goods purchased in supermarkets and other retail outlets, restaurants and cafes, for services rendered, is returned to consumers.