Government of Belarus has resigned


August 17, Fineko/abc.az. The government of Belarus has resigned, before the announcement of President Alexander Lukashenko.

ABC.AZ reports that this was stated by news agency BELTA.

The procedure was officially carried out after the announcement of the results of the presidential election in accordance with Article 106 of the Constitution of Belarus and the Law on the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus.

The presidential elections were held in Belarus on 9 August. Years later, according to preliminary results, the current President Alexander Lukashenko won the elections that aroused great interest in the country for the 6th time. After that, mass peaceful protests began in several regions of the country. Thousands of people were detained, 1 person was killed, and dozens were injured during demonstrations that turned into clashes with the police. The main opponent of A. Lukashenko, Svetlana Tikhanovski urged the security forces not to use force against the people.

Amid the protests, the country's CEC Chairman Lidia Yermoshina was evacuated from the Government House. Two days after the elections Sergei Tikhanovski left the country for security reasons and moved to Lithuania.