Expert about drivers lacking first aid kit in their cars


September 7, Fineko/abc.az. The issue of fines for drivers who do not have a box of medicines in their car has been has been raised again.

ABC.AZ reports that road traffic expert Arshad Huseynov touched on a range of nuances.

He noted that on 19 June 2020 changes were made to both the Law on Road Traffic and the Code of Administrative Offences, in connection with which the name of this box, which is necessary in cars, was changed.

"Now it is called ‘first aid kit’, not a ‘medicine box’. The reason is that inside this box should not be medicines, but only medical supplies that can be used in pre-medical care (to stop bleeding, to tie a wound, etc.).

Currently, the composition of this box is approved by Cabinet Ministers’ Resolution #399 from 9 September 2019, but due to the entry into force of the above-mentioned changes to the Law on Road Traffic, the Cabinet was tasked to make appropriate amendments. Perhaps the Cabinet will make changes to Resolution #399 from 9 September 2019 and, without stopping at renaming this box, will exclude from the list of medicines that should currently be in it,” the expert emphasized.