Georgia toughens quarantine – rule breakers to be punished


September 8, Fineko/abc.az. Georgia is going to tighten control over the conduct of wedding or funeral ceremonies in connection with the growth of the virus in the country.

ABC.AZ was informed about this by Maya Mikaya, the head of the Inspection Department of the Labor Inspectorate.

She said that strict penalties will be applied against citizens who do not observe the recommended rules: “From today, the Labor Inspectorate and the Ministry of Internal Affairs will jointly conduct a more serious investigation, and the penalties will be more severe. Enhanced control over the conduct of the activities indoors. As you know, events and ceremonies are currently allowed to be held indoors under certain conditions, but are not recommended. Due to the fact that in recent days cases of infection are associated with such events, events held in closed premises will be monitored together with us by employees of the MIA. Violators will be warned, and if the measures continue, a fine of 2,000 lari will be applied towards individuals and 10,000 lari to legal entities."