Planting material should be registered


September 9, Fineko/abc.az. The Ministries of Ecology & Natural Resources and of Agriculture and the Food Safety Agency of Azerbaijan appealed to entrepreneurs.

ABC.AZ reports that the joint meeting was held in a video conference format with the participation of experts from the MENR, the Agriculture Ministry and the FSA.

The meeting participants discussed such matters as poor adaptation to local soil and climate conditions of a number of planting materials (in particular, ornamental plants) imported into the country in recent years, sensitivity to diseases and pests, instability to drought, as well as the fact that the rapid growth and spread of harmful organisms can cause very serious damage to vegetation cover, in particular, forests, if timely preventive measures are not taken.

It was emphasized that planting material imported by entrepreneurs in Azerbaijan should be registered in the register, planted in the zoned territories under the supervision of specialists, and proper agrotechnical care should be ensured.

In conclusion, a decision was made to create a working group consisting of specialists from the MENR, the MoA, and the FSA.