Restaurants and cafes undergo monitoring


September 9, Fineko/abc.az. The area determined for each person should be doubled, taking into account the direct impact of heavy congestion during the coronavirus pandemic on the intensity of the spread of the disease, customer reception should be 2 times less than the current rules and regulations in order to prevent cases of COVID-19 infection or the spread of the virus in public catering establishments.

ABC.AZ was informed at the Food Safety Agency (AQTA) that the distance between seats must be at least 1 m, and the distance between tables must be at least 2 m.

At the same time, the sign in front of each catering establishment must contain information about the client's admission to the enterprise. The staff must always strictly observe the rules of personal hygiene. They must also have a change of clean work clothes.

Since they come in contact with many people during the day, they should be provided with protective equipment and a disinfectant solution.

In this regard, AQTA, together with the relevant structures, regularly conducts educational monitoring.