Agency appeals to entrepreneurs on occasion of food additives


September 16, Fineko/abc.az. Food products imported in Azerbaijan must be accompanied by a food safety (health) certificate recognized in accordance with the established procedure or issued by the relevant executive authority.

ABC.AZ reports that this is stated in the report of the Food Safety Agency.

Since the beginning of its activity, the Agency has been constantly working to educate entrepreneurs engaged in the import of bio-active food additives, in order to comply with the requirements of legislation in the relevant field and protect consumer rights, and organizes relevant meetings.

But in some cases there is a violation of legal requirements by entrepreneurs: "So, according to the requirements of the legislation, the instructions for the use of food additives with bioactivity should indicate that this additive can not be used for the treatment of diseases.

Also, dietary supplements that have bioactivity can be recommended by a doctor in order to strengthen the body, saturate it with nutrients, but do not replace medications prescribed for the prevention or treatment of diseases."