MP: Re-application of strict quarantine rules in Azerbaijan is undesirable


September 16, Fineko/abc.az. Despite the growing number of people infected with coronavirus in neighboring countries, the re-application of strict quarantine rules is undesirable for Azerbaijan.

ABC.AZ reports that such a statement was made by MP Vugar Bayramov, when commenting on the situation with infection in Georgia.

He noted that gradual recovery has been ongoing in the domestic economy and certain activity is observed in it.

The tourism sector is particularly buoyant, especially in districts of the country.

In this regard, in the next stage, it would be advisable to continue the economic recovery by introducing new standards.

"Since forecasts about when the pandemic will end are not optimistic, it is desirable that the economy would adapt to the new conditions. In this context, it is important to develop and implement new standards for the restoration of business activity, which is not yet allowed," the MP emphasized.