Bills of sale to be issued on these addresses


September 21, Fineko/abc.az. The next mobile acceptance of documents for apartments in new apartment buildings approved for operation will be held at address: 8, A. Aliyev Street, Block 1937, Narimanov District, Baku.

ABC.AZ reports that two days later, on 23 September, the reception will be held at the address, Baku City, Sabunchi District, Bakikhanov Settlement, Fataliyev Street, Block 4001-4010, and on 25 September at the address: 16, Chemenzeminli Street, Block 933, Narimanov District, Baku.

As part of the mobile document acceptance process, which was restored from 24 July, an exit reception was already held at 19 addresses.

The registration of a document (statement) confirming the ownership of citizens' apartments is provided within 15 working days.