Security Service issued a statement: Refer only to official data on situation at the front


September 22, Fineko/abc.az. The State Security Service of Azerbaijan has distributed information about the situation at the front.

ABC.AZ reports that simultaneously with the intensification of military provocations on the contact line of Armenian-Azerbaijani troops, the enemy, using fake names of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani language resources social networking, constantly operates to create tension and panic among the population of front-line regions, as well as to gather information about the activities, operational intentions, movements, etc. of military units of the armed forces.

In connection with the above-said, the Security Service of Azerbaijan calls on citizens to be vigilant, not to succumb to enemy provocations, not to spread information that is a military secret and can harm our army and the security of the local population. It is recommended that you do not respond to these unacceptable requests with anonymous profiles, social media correspondence, and information transmitted via messengers, and do not share this information with friends and relatives. In connection with the situation at the front, it is necessary to refer only to the data of official state structures of our country."