8 industrial enterprises to start operating in near future


September 23, Fineko/abc.az. In the near future eight residents will start operating in the Balakhani Industrial Park (processing of wood and wood waste, production of coal, fabrication of plastic nets from processing of plastic waste, processing of car tires and manufacture of pallets and wood flour from wood waste, production of fuel by pyrolysis, processing of used car tires, fabrication of plastic products for doors and partitions, processing of waste oils, production sites for Kraft paper bags), ABC.AZ informs with reference to the Ministry of Economy of Azerbaijan.

The residents invested more than AZN 40 million in the Industrial Park. Taking into account the interest of entrepreneurs, the BIP territory was expanded up to 10.1 hectares.

About 570 permanent jobs have already been created in the BIP, and it is planned to expand production and bring it up to 720 jobs through the implementation of new projects.