TƏBIB rep: When vaccine is mentioned, chipping comes to mind


September 25, Fineko/abc.az. The matter of chipping people with the COVID-19 vaccine has been clarified.

ABC.AZ reports that TƏBIB Scientific Committee’s chair Prof. Akif Gurbanov said, referring to this issue in broadcast Diqqət Mərkəzi (Center of Attention) on TV channel Public Television that vaccine-chipping question has no scientific basis.

He said that chipping is already a common phenomenon in the modern world: "That's probably why people think that. Some people even voluntarily chip themselves and their children. But unfortunately, when people think about the COVID vaccine, they immediately think of chipping. There is no reason for such concerns. If they wanted to chip people, they would have done it in other ways. For example, they would introduce the chip through vaccines to infants, but not through such drugs intended for the entire population."